Shekouh Noor Khorassan Company:

Shekouh Noor Khorassan Company (holding Operation License No. 6/10522 issued by the Organization of Industries and Mines; having Health Operation License No. 7182 issued by the Ministry of Health and Treatment) was established in 1997 for healthy production of Halva Shekari under the trade names of “Bidak” and 4000 located at Mashhad Industrial Estate, Kalat-Mashhad Road. The company placed its development objectives in a way to enter domestic and foreign markets.  The company obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Solvency Certificate, ohsas 18001, iso 14001 and iso22000. in 2000, Shekouh Noor Khorassan Company attempted to set up the production line of edible ice products with the brand name of “Bidnoosh”. Simultaneously, the Company won the Iranian National Standard for all its products. Toward the development strategy of the company and market requirements, the Company managed to startup the production line of sesame products, processed sesame, packed Ardeh, Ardeh Cream (sesame cream) with the brand name of “Bidak”, all after obtaining the necessary permissions. Currently, Shekouh Noor Khorassan Company has been taking benefit of rank top management, expert and responsible personnel in order to have valued experience and successful attendance in the field of production, domestic and foreign markets in order to produce high quality and healthy products using the world’s latest technologies and high quality raw materials to satisfy customers and consumers and the company has been doing its best toward promotion and optimization of its products.

Hope to reach success under the grace of the Almighty.

Best Regards,

Ali Bahador, Managing Director of Shekouh Noor Khorassan Company