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Shokooh Noor Khorasan Company


Shokooh Noor Khorasan Food Industries Company has a license from the Industries and Mines Organization in 1376 with the motive of industrial and healthy production of sugar halva with Bidak, Bidgol and 4000 brands in Mashhad Industrial City located on Kalat Road. This company started working in 1379 started the production line of edible ice products under the Bidnoosh brand, which at the same time succeeded in receiving the national standard mark of Iran.


In order to develop and raise the level of its activities and productions, the company opened a new factory location with an infrastructure of 20,000 square meters in the 4th phase of Mashhad Industrial Town in 1400, and with the approach of product development, it diversified its products in the group of sesame products and sour cream and in the group It has made flour, wafer, biscuit in various flavors and packages, which is active in the wafer production line and the biscuit, cake and cookie production lines are being launched.

In order to develop its markets, this company has started marketing in Asian and European countries, and the company’s products have been well received in Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan and Russia.


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CEO: Mohammad Bahador